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Guide To Septic Tank Care in Perth

Conserve water to reduce the load on the septic system.   For example, do laundry throughout the week instead of all at once; install water wise taps, shower heads and toilet cisterns.

  1. Tree roots that invade your septic system can do major damage.   Keep trees at least 30 metres away from the septic system.   Trees with aggressive roots should be planted even farther away.
  2. DO plant grass over the effluent line to minimize soil erosion
  3. NEVER flush cat litter, disposable nappies, sanitary napkins, tampons, paper hand towels, facial tissues, coffee grounds, cigarette butts, or similar items down the toilet.   They’ll quickly fill and clog your septic tank and kill beneficial bacteria in the septic tank.
  4. DO NOT use Vinegar and/or Baking Soda, to clean toilets, baths, sinks or troughs as it changes the pH and alkaline levels in the septic tank/treatment plant.   This will kill off beneficial bacteria in the septic system. Heavy cleaners containing bleach are also a no go.
  5. DO NOT pour grease down the drain.   It will eventually clog your effluent line.   If that happens you’ll need an extensive (and expensive) septic system repair–and if there’s no space for a repair leach-drain you will have serious problems establishing any type of septic system.
  6. DO switch your diverter value off (on leach drains) every 6 months to allow alternate leach to recover.


  1. Remember that everything that goes down your toilet, kitchen sink, laundry trough, shower drain or bath drain will end up in your septic tank.
  2. Adopt better water conservation methods and consider during purchase, a more water efficient washing machine or dishwasher.
  3. Check the packaging of the products that will eventually enter your septic tank, to identify if they are suitable for use in a septic tank system.   Some toilet papers have dyes that kill the essential bacteria required to break down the solids in the septic tank.
  4. Never attempt to open a septic tank yourself, unless you are aware of the lid weight and opening process.   As you may hurt yourself or even drop the lid in the tank and they are very difficult to get out.!
  5. Remember the 4 person 4 year pump out rule, or alternatively the 2 person  8 yearly pump out rule.
  6. Call a professional septic tank cleaning company, like Byford Liquid Waste to empty your tank as required

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